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“With Whom Are You the Most Creative?” and “Where Are You the Most Creative?”

The rCAB now includes two measures that help to explain creative potential. They have been used in a first investigation that examined creativity at work. These measures proved to be highly reliable. One of the new measures is called, “With Whom are you the Most Creative?” The other is “Where are you the Most Creative?” Something should be said about the first research project using these measures. The research was designed to compare the creativity of employees displayed when they are at work with the creativity of the same employees when they are not at work. This project was suggested by an earlier project that compared students’ creativity at school with their creativity when they were not at school. The highly reliable measure known as the Creative Activity and Accomplishment Checklist (CAAC), also part of the rCAB, was used, one version asking the students about what creativity they express when they are in school and one version asking about what creative things they do when they are not in school. Importantly, the CAAC is one of the most highly respected measures for actual creative activity. Hocevar once suggested that it was the best way to get at creativity. The comparisons of in- and outside of school creativity indicated notable differences, with more creativity expressed by the students when they were not in school. My colleagues and I concluded that this might indicate that there is creative potential, evidence by the creativity displayed outside of school, but that potential is mostly ignored when the students are in school. That is a shame.